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Voice Command UFO 2.0 and Sound King

2009-02-28 21:02:39 by mchasewhittemore

In my last post I said I was rethinking and reworking Voice Command UFO. I have done just this. The graphics are no better, but I really think the game play has come along. You can calibrate your mic to ship control and the ship moves towards where your voice level is instead of just UP with different intensities. I had my family try it out and they all got (on their first try) to about 500 so it is a great deal easier. For those of you that like difficulty, the game gets harder as you go on so hold tight.

With that said, I have a new game idea rolling around in my brain. Its called "Sound King". The basic premise is that you are a King of a small city-state with the power to aid your subjects by singing. In this game there will be "sing" periods which measure how well you hold your voice over a matter of time. For now though, things are still in my head. I will hopefully start basic development tomorrow, but I'm guessing this game will take me a while to make. If you are interested in doing graphics for "Sound King" I would love to hear from you.



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