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The Last Nautical Challenge

2009-03-10 02:50:33 by mchasewhittemore

I am hard at work on "The Last Nautical Challenge" my next game. As of now about 70% of the game play in complete, so I hope to have it out by next week.

The basic idea of "The Last Nautical Challenge" is that you are accepting an extended puzzle like challenge in which you must collect the correct series of objects to reach the end. Completion of each level (25) depends on what you have collected in the levels before hand and the collection of items is limited by the number of moves you have left and the amount of gas in your ships tank.

With all that said, here is a screen shots for your viewing. In it you see the second (not fully completed) level and the "Ship Stats". I am still working with a filler-ship right now and will create something more ship like soon.

Thank you

The Last Nautical Challenge


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