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I just put up the Engine test... I was hoping to use NGALPHA for this but it seems like that is not working right now.

If you are interested in this project, send me a PM.

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TLNC is on Newgrounds!

2009-03-22 06:11:58 by mchasewhittemore

Well... its out. Its on Newgrounds with a 2.73/5 starting score.

This will be my last game for a bit. I have a hard next few weeks as I finish up college.

Hope you enjoy the game.

A Nautical Update

2009-03-19 01:54:40 by mchasewhittemore

The Last Nautical Challenge is coming along. I only have a few more levels to design and a bug here and there to fix before submitting it. Look for it by Saturday.

I am hard at work on "The Last Nautical Challenge" my next game. As of now about 70% of the game play in complete, so I hope to have it out by next week.

The basic idea of "The Last Nautical Challenge" is that you are accepting an extended puzzle like challenge in which you must collect the correct series of objects to reach the end. Completion of each level (25) depends on what you have collected in the levels before hand and the collection of items is limited by the number of moves you have left and the amount of gas in your ships tank.

With all that said, here is a screen shots for your viewing. In it you see the second (not fully completed) level and the "Ship Stats". I am still working with a filler-ship right now and will create something more ship like soon.

Thank you

The Last Nautical Challenge

Well.. I have begun work on a new game. I don't have a title for it yet except "Ship". I decided to start this game instead of "Sound King" because I though two things.

1) I still need to learn more about Actionscript
2) I'm not sure how much longer I will make Flash games...

My second thought is simply this. I am a full time college student about to graduate and enter the "real world" will I (do I) have time to do this stuff?

As of right now I do, or I keep making time to do it, but after "Ship" we will have to see.


In my last post I said I was rethinking and reworking Voice Command UFO. I have done just this. The graphics are no better, but I really think the game play has come along. You can calibrate your mic to ship control and the ship moves towards where your voice level is instead of just UP with different intensities. I had my family try it out and they all got (on their first try) to about 500 so it is a great deal easier. For those of you that like difficulty, the game gets harder as you go on so hold tight.

With that said, I have a new game idea rolling around in my brain. Its called "Sound King". The basic premise is that you are a King of a small city-state with the power to aid your subjects by singing. In this game there will be "sing" periods which measure how well you hold your voice over a matter of time. For now though, things are still in my head. I will hopefully start basic development tomorrow, but I'm guessing this game will take me a while to make. If you are interested in doing graphics for "Sound King" I would love to hear from you.


Well it has almost been a day now and VCUFO is still on the site with a 2.24 and 242 votes, in other words... it needs some work and work I shale do.

For those of you who are interested here the things I am going to work on right now.

1) Better "Voice Command"
2) An easier beginning
3) Instruction on how to play

I have ideas on how to get all three of these things done reasonable well without going back to the drawing board so I hope my improvements won't take to long.

Lastly, I really do understand that graphics are a major problem with my games. To be honest I am a programmer and a writer not aka I can't draw. So, if you like this game and think it NEEDS to look better please feel free to send me a message and we can talk about how you can make this game look better.